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Updated 2006

November, 2006 Well, actually only the entry page was changed slightly. All family pages were move to its own folder but remain available unchanged. For a few days only search engines like google might not find detailled pages right away. 
October/November, 2006 Andrist name now will be found in Wikipedia: (German), and (English).  


Updated 2005

February, 2005 Donna (Andrist) Wees did a great job in gathering additional information on the first Andrist immigrants to USA.


Updated 2004

March, 4th Two more Andrist pictures added for Adolph Andrist Sr 1920/1960. Pictures courtesy of Travis and Danna Andrist, Prescott, AZ, USA
February, 14th Another puzzle was solved with Argentina Andrists. Thanks to Amelia from Corrientes, Argentina 


Updated 2003

October 4th Swissfest in Berne, Minnesota scheduled for August, 7th/8th in 2004 
March, 9th Swissfest in Berne, Minnesota scheduled for August, 3rd 2003 (Andrist family reunion close by the same day). Artists updated. 


Updated 2002

October, 19th Andrist reunion in MN scheduled. More to follow.
October, 19th More Andrist pictures: Jacob Andrist and his wife Ursula Cadonau, homesteaded KS
July, 7th Great 360 degree panorama picture from Mt. Niesen, showing Andrist sites and Andrist Mountains
July, 7th A Newsletter had been sent out and been added to this page the same time.
April, 14th First information published regarding Andrist reunion in Mantorville/Berne, MN, USA
April, 13th Tree updated for Daerstetten/Oberwil Andrists which emigrated to Argentina.
April, 8th Home page got a new structure.
March, 29th New service offered: E-mail list. Subscribe to Andrist E-Mail list to keep to posted on latest results of researches or updates of Andrist web pages. 
March Family tree added for Andrists, now citizens of Argentina. Immigration from Därstetten/Oberwil.


Updated 2001

September, 22nd  now kindly hosting Andrist family webpages.
August, 20th Forwarding services for e-mail adresses and web addresses at haven been improved.
April, 9th Two more obituaries added (provided by Douglas Andrist, forwarded bySharon (Andrist) Armstrong).
April, 8th Link added to a page showing an iris called Mrs. Andrist (see homepage)
March Some history on Swiss woodcarving added at Swissfest page of Berne, MN, USA  
March  E-mail addresses updated
February Content moved from to (still /
January Latest news on 2001s Swissfest in Berne, MN, USA. Most recommended!


Updated 2000:

May 14th Andrist-Zeller some more familes have been added to the Andrist-Zeller tree. Descendants of Charles Melvin Andrist & Mary Elizabeth Crumpacker have been submitted by Gail M. Shea (Andrist). 
April 15th Richard A. from Ohio, Sharon (Andrist) Armstrong from Ohio and James Lee from Beaverton, MI, registered with their E-Mail addresses
March 28th Link to Omak Chronicle (John E. Andrist / Mary Koch) added 
Feb 22th Some more e-mail addresses added : Jared Andrist, Minot, MN and his family; Arlie and Mary Andrist
Jan 14th The Berne, MN, Swissfest page has been updated regarding the planned events. We recommend this fest to all Andrists and to all people interested in the Swiss etnic festivals. It's family entertainment at its best.

Updated 1999:

Dec 26th Error corrected in Andrist-Zeller trees at andrist-zeller1.htm#Frederick (thanks for the update to Douglas Andrist / Jill (Andrist) Miller)
Dec 4th New page of C. J. Andrist, Singer, Songwriter, Musician & Entertainer, ND, USA linked at
Nov 19th e-mail address for you. More functionality than other standard mail services but still simple to use.
Nov 15th Obituary added.
Sep 24th Some more Andrists have their web pages up and running: John and Becki's family page
Aug 24th Homestead of Jacob and Barbara Andrist in MN ? We're just guessing. Does somebody know this picture or this cabin? (Picture courtesy of Charles Joseph Michael Hendrickson the son of Elma Andrist
Aug 14th A small tree has been added for Oberwil families
July 4th The Journal, Crosy ND, USA, Publisher: Steven J. Andrist, Publisher Emeritus: John M. Andrist * startet it's web live
June 26th Some more e-mail addresses added : Susanne Täubert-Andrist, Kimberly, Christopher Lorne, Thierry Andrist
May 15th More complete descendants tree of Jacob Andrist, born 1510, Oberwil citizenship (Oberwil>St.Stephan>France & KS/USA). Data provided by Albert Andrist (Switzerland), Jean Andrist (France), Robbin Andrist (research back to 1510!), Willi Andrist
May 15th Marco Andrist (inherited Oberwil citizenship) registered with Andrist Home Page, see his e-mail address
April 18th Page on Swiss phone numbers updated
April 18th Old pictures of Andrists of France added
April 18th E-mail address of Carol Jean added.
April, 12th Some e-mail addresses added. John M.Andrist's address updated.
April, 1st to 2nd Andrist Home Page was down. Reason not known yet. Sorry for any inconvenience.
24 March 1999 US land patents in the 13 Eastern States 1820-1908 (2 Andrist patents found for MN)
21 March 1999 John Henry's e-mail addresses
17 March 1999 Some obituaries have been uploaded.
15 March 1999 Yvonne's, C.J.'s, Suzanne's e-mail addresses and Adolfo's fax # added
28 Feb 1999 A search engine has been added which allows to search almost the whole Andrist Home Page by a single word or a combination of words etc. (powered by whatUseek).
9 Jan 1999 The ancestors of Jakob Andrist , first imigrant to USA/Kansas, married to Ursula Cadonau, have been completely traced back to 1510. That's the end of the church records. Many thanks to Robbin Andrist which provided this great file.This new file also connects to Salomon Andrist-Egger
4th Jan 1999 Picture on Emmanuel Andrist (Boltigen, OH, MN families) in his state militia uniform added


Updated 1998:

30 Dec 1998 US Social Security Death Records until ~1998 added to Andrist puzzles page
30 Dec 1998 More unlinked Andrist records added to Andrist puzzles page (records on Oberwil Andrists born 1510 and other families).
30 Dec 1998 US phone book entries on Andrist uploaded. Notice for updates/changes are very welcome!
30 Dec 1998 Phone book entries on Andrist for Spain have been added.
17 Dec 1998 Family shield for Cadonau (surname of wive of first Kansas imigrant) uploaded
15 Dec 1998 Page added showing pictures on The Journal of Crosby, MN, USA, owned by Andrists since generations.
9 Dec 1998 Some pages and pictures moved to a new webhost server, due to the fact the former service provider stop his business. Manly pictures are affected only and may now be available after being not accesible for a while.
1 Dec 1998 Friedrich's e-mail addresses added
23 Nov 1998 Second newsletter on Andrist home page has been released
24 Oct 1998 April L. and Don's e-mail addresses added
10 Oct 1998 Transcription of the list of Andrists who made the oath of allegiance to the Helvetic government in 1798. It's supposed to be the complete list of male Andrists in this time for the Canton of Berne (State of Berne).
10 Oct 1998 Transcription of the offical list of the (Andrist) applicants for passports in Canton of Berne completed. Years 1838 to 1880 covered.
9 Oct 1998 Page on Andrist Square and Andrist Sports ground added
4 Sep 1998 Kay Andrist's e-mail address added
1st Sep 1998 A new map and corresponding text has been added, showing more precisely the places of origin of the Andrist families.Do you know where your ancestors came from? Check Andrist genealogy ...
30 Aug 1998 New family picture added (Otto sons, MN); pictures of the church and some houses of St. Stephan added (ancestors of KS Andrist used to live there)
22 Aug 1998 Barb Andrist's e-mail address added
8 Aug 1998 For researches of the ancestors of the first imigrants a list of the parish books is now available.
8 Aug 1998 Mary Lou's e-mail address added; some corrections made on the Andrist-Cadonau (Kansas descendants) page
31 July 1998 Some information on St. Stephan added. This is the place where the family of the Kansas ancestors used to live.
28 July 1998 Alex', Greggs and Bob's e-mail addresses added
10 July 1998 Lastest results of researches on Andrist-Cadonau families (homesteaded in Kansas in about 1885) added
8 July 1998 Family tree added for Georg Andrist-Kirchert and his descendants living in Germany
5 July 1998 Family tree for Minnesota / Boltigen Andrists: 250 lines added on descendants of Frederick Andrist, born 1890, son of Henry (records gathered by Douglas Andrist)
4 July 1998 See if other Andrist's are currently online and ask them for a chat: check page online.htm on this site
26 June 1998 Ancestors of David Andrist-Zeller added (see Excel table)
26 June 1998 Denise, Shelley and Cynthia's e-mail addresses added
24 June 1998 a new page on passports for emigration issued to Andrists
14 June 1998 links to Cadonau (Surname of the gggmother of Kansas Andrists) entered; Tanja Andrist's e-mail address added
12 June 1998 family pictures: new pictures added
31 May 1998 Moe and John Phillip Andrist e-mail address and links links to pages showing Alex and Dave Andrist added
30 May 1998
26 May 1998 New pages on Swissfest in Berne, MN: recommended to all US citizens
22 May 1998 Family pictures new chapter of Andrist home page showing contemporary and old pictures of ancestors
20/25 May 1998 E-mail addresses of Becki, Blake, Chuck, Cindy, Greg & Deb, Jamey, Tracey and Melissa added
23rd Apr 1998 Oberwil family tree available now
15 Apr 1998 E-mail addresses of Erica and Iris Andrist added (twin sisters, Oberwil place of origin)
  (Willi Andrist's plans to visit the USA in April / May 1998 updated)
11 Apr 1998 E-mail address of Lester Andrist added
29 Mar 1998 Pictures added for churches of Boltigen, Daerstetten, and for the village of Latterbach (Erlenbach parish), all of the Andrist places of origin
27 Mar 1998 Picture of the beam of the gallery of the Oberwil Church. Guess what name is written on it. (142 kB)
21 Mar 1998 E-mail address of Andrew Andrist, Montral, Canada has been added
21 Mar 1998 New list of Andrist projects or related projects
15 Mar 1998 Current information on researches on David Andrist, Boltigen, Switzerland (most US Andrist go there)
8 Mar 1998 Individual pages of Charlotte G. and AndristPlourde linked
1st Mar 1998 E-mail address of Douglas Andrist added
28 Feb 1998 E-mail address of Wayne Andrist added
22 Feb 1998 E-mail addresses of David, Jake, Larry and Michael have been added
21 Feb 1998 Aeschi bei Spiez, place of origin of Andrist families, page uploaded
19 Feb 1998 E-mail address, Chad of Faribault e-mail address added
11 Feb 1998 Därstetten place of origin of Andrist families, page uploaded
8 Feb 1998 Boltigen, place of origin of Andrist families, page uploaded
7 Feb 1998 Oberwil, place of origin of Andrist families, page uploaded
2 Feb 1998 E-mail address, Erica's and Jamie's e-mail address added
25 Jan 1998 Family tree, Two more generations have been added to the Andrist of Erlenbach tree.
25 Jan 1998 E-mail address, William's and Sharon's e-mail addresses added
21 Jan 1998 Erlenbach im Simmental place of origin of Andrist families, pages uploaded
20 Jan 1998 E-mail address, Cynthia K. Andrist's e-mail address added
18 Jan 1998 Family tree, Don's partial family tree added (as a still unlinked puzzle)
17 Jan 1998 E-mail address, Don's, Justin's, Kevin's and Albert's e-mail address added.
17 Jan 1998 Individual Pages, Andrew linked
7 Jan 1998 E-mail address, Justin's e-mail address added.

Updated 1997:

30 Dec 1997, individual Web page linked, Eddie's and Ryan's pages linked

29 Dec 1997, Index, every page got an index at the bottom line which helps browsing through the most important content.

20 Dec 1997, Swiss recipes, a new page uploaded starting with some typical Swiss recipes. F.e. Cookies ..

20 Dec 1997, Swiss Links, a new page uploaded starting with some governmental links.

20 Dec 1997, individual Andrist web pages

Minor changes in the structure. No information added. The individual Andrist web pages were moved to a separate page.

17 Dec 1997, E-mail address

Leah's e-mail address added.

12 Dec 1997, E-mail address

Ryan's, Scott's (2) and Veronica's e-mail addresses added.

6 Dec 1997, E-mail address

Katie's and Linda M.'s e-mail addresses added.

4 Dec 1997, E-mail address

Marietta's e-mail address added

3 Dec 1997, Andrist trees

Another Andrist family which emigrated from Erlenbach im Simmental to the USA in summer 1854

29 Nov 1997, Andrist links

Indivual web pages linked: Jason and Jennifer's wedding announcement, Robbin's office page

19 Nov 1997, privacy

Privacy is an important aspect regarding the content of web pages and genealogy in general. This page was set up to discuss these aspects later.

16 Nov 1997, E-mail address

Mark's, Nathan's, Connie's and Hans-Rudolf's e-mail addresses added.

9 Nov 1997, Swiss citizenship for descendants of Swiss emigrants

Very often the question arised wether descendants of Swiss emigrants still are Swiss citizen.

8 Nov 1997, E-mail address

Trent and Shel Andrist's e-mail address added.

26 Oct 1997, E-mail address

Megan's address added

26 Oct 1997, US Andrist tree

Some lines added on the parents of David Andrist, born 1782 (known as the father of the first immigrants)

25 Oct 1997, E-mail

Samuel E. Ellson's address added (grandson of Samuel Andrist)

Peter's e-mail address added.

21 Oct 1997, E-mail

Marsha's e-mail address and home address changed.

21 Oct 1997, family tree USA Andrist

Some information on the original four brothers added (text provided by Sam Ellson)

11 Oct 1997, E-mail address list updated

Orlo Andrist's address added.

5 Oct 1997, Wilhelm Jacob Andrists tree updated

Wilhelm Jakob, born Feb 1885, immigrated 1858 to Cheyenne. Debra updated the tree.

27 September 1997, phone book entries for Andrist's

Addresses for Andrist's living in the USA updated.

27 September 1997, phone book entries for Andrist's

Addresses for Andrist's living in Argentina added.

25 September 1997, E-mail address list updated

Kelly's e-mail address added.

22 September 1997, E-mail address list updated

Kenneth's, Marsha's and Linda's e-mail address added.

13 September 1997, E-mail address list updated

Travis' and Chris' e-mail addresses added.

8 September 1997, E-mail address list updated

Charlotte's and Andi's e-mail addresses added

28 August 1997, E-mail address list updated

E-mail address of Chad Andrist added

14 August 1997, parish books

For researches, a look up service for the available parish books

14 August 1997, new E-Mail address

The e-mail address of Joe Andrist has been added.

26 July 1997, new E-Mail addresses

The e-mail addresses of Fred, Jared and Jared have been added. Justin's mail address remains deleted until he get's a new account as he is not any more in the Antartica.

11 July 1997, CHAT with Andrists

The CHAT tool now has a private Andrist room which is only available to people coming from the Andrist Home Page. No extra software is needed as long as your browser supports Java.

2 July 1997, Newsletter #1 released

The first Newsletter has been released for all registered persons.

28 June 1997, Family tree updated:

Descendant Report for David ANDRIST, 5 May 1782 (Willi Andrist's I.) updated (some hundred records have been added, provided by Jill Andrist Miller).

27 June 1997, Family tree updated:

Descendant Report for Jakob (Jacob) ANDRIST, 28 Jan 1849 (Willi Andrist's II.C.) updated.

21 June 1997, E-mail service:

Personal Andrist E-mail address service made available (e.g.

20 June 1997, New Links:

Links to other genealogical sites.

20 June 1997, E-mail address:

Katherine's e-mail addresse added.

15 June 1997, E-mail address:

Adrian's and Doris' e-mail addresses added.

13 June 1997,

The '' web page address is now ours. It has been registered and routed to this Andrist Home Page.

13 June 1997, E-mail address:

Geoff's and Charlotte's e-mail addresses added.

10 June 1997, E-mail address:

Chad's e-mail address added (see also his message at the guestbook)

10 June 1997, Guestbook opened:

A Guestbook has been installed instead of the very little used Pinboard. No more manual work is required to me to upload the messages you will provide (but some commercials banners are now on the page).

3 June 1997, family tree upated:

An Andrist family tree (imigrated at New Orleans, USA, in 1885) updated.

30 May 1997, minor changes in the structure:

no new information added

21 May 1997, family tree added:

New short tree for Andrist Boltigen families living in Switzerland added.

20 May 1997, E-mail address updated:

E-Mail address for Pinboard messages corrected

18 May 1997, E-mail address:

Debra's e-mail address added.

17 May 1997, Pinboard installed:

For you: Report on successful steps in your researches, leave a request for help or a message of general interest.

16 May 1997, own CHAT room for Andrists:

A chat tool has been installed for people who prefere more direct dialog than e-mailing.

15 May 1997, online CHAT link added:

A chance to meet Andrist's online at the Swiss Telecom's chat corner.

9/12 May 1997, E-mail addresses:

Added Anna's, Eric's, Jeffrey's, Linda's and Patrick's e-mail addresses

15 March 1997, Individual Pages:

Added two more links to individual pages (Debra, Earl)

15 March 1997, E-mail address:

Added Erica Andrist, Elk Mound, WI, USA

1st March 1997, E-mail addresse:

Added Bjorn Andrist, Sweden

26 Feb 1997, Heraldry:

Added all available heraldic shields.

22 Feb 1997, Andrist legends:

Information on how Andrist Mountains came to their name.

22 Feb 1997, Sounds:

Wav files added saying hello in Swiss.

17 Feb 1997, Andrist Name:

Information on how Andrists came to their name.

8 Feb 1997, Family trees:

Family tree pages have been restructured. Latest updates to the USA tree.

2 Feb 1997, E-mail addresses:

Latest changes and updates on E-mail page.

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