Willi Andrist's travelling route
(USA in April / May 1998 )

Hello everybody,

I was visiting USA for vacation in the 1998. The journey lasted almost four weeks and took me to many andrist places.

Our was April 23rd 1998 at Los Angeles airport where we  rent a car to drive down to San Diego. We spend a few days with Daniel Andrists family. Later we got back to Los Angeles. After visiting some famous spots including Andrist Memorial we spend a few days in the San Francisco area..

We further stopped at Denver. There some Andrist friends picked us up. They drove us to St Francis, Kansas, where some Andrist's homesteaded. Later in Florida we visited St. Petersburg, the Keys and Miami. The next flight after that took us to Minneapolis where we visit places Andrist ancestors used to live (Berne, MN).

A few days later we met Jill (Andrist) Miller and her husband while travelling in Boston area.

The map (as it was preliminarely planned):

Our plans are still under 'construction'. Recommendations on where to go on this journey will be greatly appreciated: willi@andrist.com (editor of Andrist Home Page).

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