This page is dedicated to all who rather prefer direct dialog (tele typed) than e-mailing. - The chat program is connected to a prived Andrist space at a chat server. Usage is free.

Andrist Meeting

To help to meet each other, I suggest you an Andrist Meeting.

Weekly on SUNDAYS at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time (e.g. Californian time) 
that's 19:00 MET (Berne, Swiss time)

Of course it's up to you to arrange a meeting with somebody you like to talk to or just poping in to have a look who is online. As our virtual community is still small the last won't often be the case.

How to use

Put your nickname in the first field called 'Your desired chatname', choose correct gender and press 'login' button. A successfull connect should then be confirmed with a short text in the larg display field.  To chat to a person, click it's nickname in the box at upper right end and enter your text in the field on the left hand of the 'Send' button. Click the 'Send' button after having entered a one line text. Your text and replys will be shown in the large display field.

Get your own chatbox on!


This page requires Java. To run Java, you need a Java enable browser such as Netscape 2.0 or Microsoft Explorer 3.0 or later versions.

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