Purpose of Andrist Home Page:

The main purpose of the Andrist Home Page is to help Andrists to trace their roots. We assist with information gleaned from public sources (phone directories, census records, prior ancestor research at LDS, etc.) or volunteered by other Andrists. Although we are amateurs, we aspire to professional standards.

We maintain this web page in our spare time at home. Our goal is to keep this page as current as possible and to keep it growing so that it continues to be useful for everyone.

Third-party information will be correlated with existing information. Because not all information can be verified, the author of each upload will be identified.

Editing: Most of these pages have a simple format, to keep them quick-loading and easy to read. No images and no extra structuring techniques (such as frames) will be used. Our goal is not to be the fanciest web page.

Webservices: E-mail addresses and hosting of (simple and low maintenance) web pages for Andrist family members are offered at cost.

Who's who:

Jill (born Vivian Jill Andrist) Miller, Natick, MA, USA

Jill is an enthusiastic amateur family-history researcher. She identified and documented over 1,000 relatives. She does great work in coordinating the data collection and managing the database. Her husband Dick also helps by proofreading text, etc.

Willi Andrist, Ittigen bei Bern, Switzerland

Willi is the editor and webmaster of this web site. In Switzerland, he has researched heraldry, the Andrist mountains and lost links to Swiss ancestors - some back to the 16th Century, and he takes photographs. He periodically browses the web for newly-logged Andrist e-mail addresses and individual Andrist web pages.

John & Becki Andrist, USA 

John and Becki are hosting this Andrist World Wide Family pages for free with

Also supporting this site:

The following Andrists have helped by updating the page with the information they gathered:

- Alan Andrist, USA
- Barb Andrist, USA
- Daniel A. Andrist, USA
- Debra D. Andrist, USA
- Donna Wees Andrist, USA
- Greg Andrist, Canada
- Helen Schoenrock (late), USA
- Justin Andrist, USA
- Mary Lou Cooper, USA
- Robbin Andrist, USA
- Stacey Andrist, USA
- Samuel Ellson (late), USA

and many more. Check for their current e-mail addresses.

Swiss sources for name origin, heraldry and civil records:

Staatsarchiv (state archive)
Falkenplatz 4
3011 Bern

+41 (0)31 633 51 01
Fax. +41 (0)31 633 51 02
(e.g. for church records before 1875)

Zivilstandskreis Oberland West (civil record office)
​Scheibenstrasse 3
3600 Thun
+41 (0)31 635 43 00  
Fax: +41 (0)31 635 43 19
( for all Boltigen, Därstetten, Diemtigen, Erlenbach, Lenk, Oberwil, Wimmis, Zweisimmen civil records)

updated April 26th, 2016

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