Andrist Phone

There are several white pages available in the web. The phone numbers have been extracted for the following countries:

Spain *
United States of America


Andrist living in Argentina, Provincia Corrientes:

Provincia Corrientes:

Andrist Amelia B De (0783) 4-1274 Bo Setia 65vi Mz C Corrientes 3400
Andrist Ivo L (0783) 2-7269 Gdor A Justo 2702 Corrientes 3400
Andrist Magsima (0783) 9-3108 Av 25 De Mayo S/N Itati 3414
Andrist Mirta Beatriz (0783) 3-6577 Santa Fe 935 Corrientes 3400

Andrist living in France, Bretagne

Andrist Jean-Michel Andrist, technicien & Chantal Debeuf, aide-soignante, 
15, rue du Grimolet, F-22440 Ploufragan (Département 22 Côtes d'Armor, Arrondissement de St-Brieuc, Bretagne)
phone:                        (Source: marriage info on a web page)

Andrist living in the Netherlands

Cheryl Lynne and Bob AndristPlourde, Magalhaensplein 25, 1057 VE Amsterdam
phone: 31-20-689-6377         (updated by e-mail dd 3 Mar 1998)

Andrist living in Spain *

Albert Andrist, Tosalet S/N, Orba 3790
phone: 96/5583476          (source 

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