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As an Andrists may want your most individual e-mail address. It's short, meaningful and no advertisement for a provider. 

how it works There is no need to change your internet provider because a mail sent to your @andrist address will be forwarded anywhere you would like it be sent to. E-mails sent to e.g. could go to, or what ever Bill's mailbox is. There is even no need to change any settings at your software.
benefits Forwarding: Automatically re-send incoming mail to another address. Whenever you change your provider, there is no need to inform all friends and family about the change of your address. The firstname@andrist address could simply by rerouted to the mail box of your choice with the new provider.

No advertising: You will not face advertising mail at all unlike sometimes other mail provider do. Your e-mail address is known to you and who ever you would like to know about. We do not give information about your e-mail-address to third party.

Further accounts: You might have the need for more than one address. There is no problem of having f.e. as a second address or for your daugther.

restrictions As Andrist is a family name, this service is only offered to people of Andrist surname or corporates with Andrist in it's name.
the fees Free for the moment. 
how to order? Send the following information to   w  at   andrist   dot  com
  • your firstname @ andrist and 
  • the e-mail you want your messages to be forwarded to  
how fast to get? Usually it will take less than 48 hrs to setup your account. 


Web address at

For either individuals or businesses a web address is offered. Your address could read f.e.

- (business) same as
- (business)  same as
- (private)  same as

You will have two options: you either create your own page with one of the many (free) hosting services and ask to forward your to forward to your current page or you ask for help with an individual page here at

the fees for family members, it's offered at cost:
setup:      USD 5.- per year.
changes:  USD 5.- for a name change or a change of a forwarding address
The fees may be subject to changes. Any change of fees entitles you to either stop or continue using this service.
how to order? Send the following information to  w at andrist  dot com
  • your   e.g.
  • the Webaddress you want visitors to be forwarded to   
The fee will be charged to your credit card. Paypal is authorized to process payment for andrist webservices. There is a secure way for transmission of the card number. Please press the PayPal button:

Edited October, 27th 2006  william.f at 

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