Swiss Page

Federal Links Switzerland

Swiss government (another page on Swiss government)
Swiss Statistics / Comparison USA/Switzerland
Government, political parties, organisations (German text)
Federal Commercial Registry Office
Swiss Embassy in Washington D.C. on Switzerland
Schulnetz Schweiz


Switzerland Tourism
Swiss Backpacker Hostels

News / Press

News provided by Bluewin

Regional Links

Offical Tourist Office of Berne

Swiss Music

A starting point 
Live Radio Central (folk and country music)

Link collection

Swiss recipes
Swiss wine (in Europe, they are as famous as french wines)
Swiss watches
The original Swiss army knives
Swisshome, a collection of links
Search Engine for Switzerland
Swiss crafts (german; many pictures)
Swiss castles
Swiss Bucket (US Swiss page)
CIA World fact book on Switzerland
Mercer: Worldwide Quality of Living Survey (three Swiss cities in top five)

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