Swiss Andrist Families from Daerstetten

Andrist's of Därstetten place of origin (note: or Daerstetten, a-umlaut may be converted in 'ae'). The families known from this place had rights of citizenship of both Därstetten and Oberwil. Although some moved to Därstetten from Oberwil they kept their rights of citizenship for a while. There is a lot more of research for Daerstetten families. This tree currently is of special interest, as we managed to get in contact with descendants in Argentina. 

                                NAME                          SEX AGE  --- BORN / PLACE -----  - MARRIED - YRS ------  --- DIED / PLACE -----  
1      ANDRIST, Emil Robert
       SP THOMANN, Anna Maria 
       REMARKS: Burgerrodel Nº 1 Folio Nº 50 Burger der Gemeinde Darstetten u Oberwill 26/2/83 Nº 5615
11     ANDRIST, Charles Ernst (Robert?)                         M       14 Sept 1864                     19/20
       SP RAMSOYER (RAMSEYER ?), Rosetta                        F       1869                    1884       15                
                                                                        Switzerland                                   Romang, Santa Fé, AG

       REMARKS: Aida wrote: He came to America about l880 [1879] and, at l9 or 20, married Rosetta Ramsoyer, who was l5, daughter of John 
       Ramsoyer and Elizabeth Wingeyer, in l884, all of Swiss citizenship. The personal facts about grandfather are scarce because he never 
       spoke of his family. We don't know why; he only said he had two sisters. His father was Emil Robert Andrist and his mother Anna Maria
       Charles Robert Andrist was a blacksmith, at least he did that here in Romang. Grandmother was a homemaker and also worked as an honorary
       teacher of embroidery for 30 years in the German School which was then located in this area. They ha eight children, two boys and six 
       girls. I am the daughter of Elisa Barbara Andrist and Maximo George William Kaenel (originally von Kanel; in Immigration when my 
       paternal grandfather, Jacob, entered the country, they changed his last name).
       REMARKS: Willi Andrist: A transcription of his Heimatschein (certificate of origin) says he had inherited rights of citizenship of both
       Daerstetten and Oberwil im Simmental. This confirms our earlier assumption that Daerstetten Andrists were former Oberwil citizens which
       obviously kept rights of citizenship of both towns.
111    ANDRIST, Rosalie

112    ANDRIST, Gerta

113    ANDRIST, Charles Adolf (called Carlos?)
       SP DERENDINGER, Samuela

1131   ANDRIST, Ivo Lindor
       SP MAYOL, Magsima Elisa
       REMARKS: living in Corrientes, Argentina
11311  ANDRIST, Mirta Beatriz
11312  ANDRIST, Ramon Ariel
11313  ANDRIST, Maria Lorena
11314  ANDRIST, Adolfo Victor
         REMARKS: ha una cosa mas que descendencia tiene la familia sobre el Kaiser Guillermo I, pues te explico que viene de tradicion 
         en la familia la pipa de el mismo que es de madera y porcelana con bordes de oro y tiene la imagen de el con su firma 
         estampada y por lo que pudimos averiguar es original, ademas de que es un sentimiento ya en nuestra familia.
113141 ANDRIST, Adolph Sebastian
113142 ANDRIST, Andrea Amelia
113143 ANDRIST, Gonzalo Gabriel
113144 ANDRIST, Fatima (de Carmen Andrist) 
113.1  ANDRIST, Nancy Béatriz
       REMARKS: Maternal Grandparents Frederico BIERI & Berta WINGEYER: 
113.2  ANDRIST, Carlos Raul 
       SP OLGIATI, Silvia
       REMARKS: lives in Province of Buenos Aires, City of San Justo. 47 Years
       old in 2000. Has one daugther
       KAENEL, Pona, Aunt to Carlos Raul, referred Willi Andrist 

114    ANDRIST, Louise

115    ANDRIST, Anita

116    ANDRIST, Elisa Barbara                                  F       1902                                            1991
       SP KAENEL (von Kaenel) Maximo George William            M

1161   KAENEL, Harold Charles                                  M       1926                                            1968   42
       SP ...

16611  KAENEL, George Charles ??
16612  KAENEL, Horace William ??
       REMARKS: Aida mentioned these two nephews

1162   KAENEL, Aida                                            F       1929
       REMARKS: Aida 1999: I live in Romang, Santa Fe, Argentina. I retired from teaching twenty years ago. 
       REMARKS: I also have two cousins here, one is the daughter of Adolph and the other of Maria; the rest
       live elsewhere, spread out in Buenos Aires, Corrientes, Mar del Plata and in Santa Fe (the capital).
17     ANDRIST, Maria

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