Andrist Memorials

Andrist Cemetery, MN

Andrist cemetery * Goodhue County, Cemetery in Roscoe. Section 32, Pleasant Valley on a high hill back of stone house near highway #57, on old Emanuel Andrist farm. Pasture there now and some stones broken and on the ground. Chas. Erickson, renter. 1. David Andrist, age 58 years, died May 1, 1860; 2. Clara Andrist, daugther of Jake and Elisabeth, died Nov. 1, 1872, age 3 years, 2 month, 5 days; Willie son of G. and S. Gholz, died March 6, 1871, age 8 years; Alden, son of G. and S. Gholz, died April 14, 1874; one stone with "M" unmarked, sunken. Source Goodhue County Historical Society.

Andrist Square in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Haven Andrist was a very active man in his home community. The following plaque can be found at Juvenal Park, Temple City, L.A. (at a corner of Gracewood Avenue / Daines Avenue, in the western pic nic area)

Andrist Square

Dedicated to the memory of

   Haven Andrist

who, as Vice-Chairman of the Temple City
parks and recreation commission, played
a most important part in the planning
which resulted in the eventual erection
of this public picnic area. Because of his
many years of untiring service to the
youth of this community, this area
is a tribute to his everlasting memory.

City counsil
Parks and recreation commission


Andrist Athletic Field Crosby, ND, USA

There is also a Cal Andrist athletic field in Crosby. Calvin was the editor and publisher of the local journal. See the pictures page

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