Descendants of David Andrist and Elisabeth Zeller

(Andrists to USA)

David Andrist and Elisabeth Zeller were the parents of the Andrist immigrants to the U.S.A. more precisely to: OH > MN > ND > Saskatchewan > MO. They had inherited rights of citzenship (Swiss call it: place of origin) from Boltigen in the Simmental (valley of the river Simme, Canton of Berne) where many of them were born and where they were registered while living in Switzerland.

The parents of David Andrist:
- ANDRIST, Johannes
- SP MARTIG, Susanna

former husband of Elisabeth Zeller (widow ?):
- ZELLER, Johann Ludwig, of Lenk

Currently we are researching the ancestors of David Andrist-Zeller (Excel 5.0 Sheet, 17 KB).

The so called 'original four Andrist brothers' (marked by <--) who emigrated to the USA from Switzerland in 1858 and their families are on more than 1700 lines. The records are accessible by the top of ancestors report for David Andrist and Elisabeth Zeller or jump into the records by their children:

Years of emigration: The Andrist families emigrated in several steps following the orbituaries of some of them. F.e. Emanuel Andrist-Bringgold, born Oct. 23, 1841 in Boltigen came with his parents to USA in 1850 when he was 9 years old. Fred Andrist-Ginsberg, born Oct 6, 1856 was a 4 year old boy when he moved with his seven brothers, one sister and his parents in 1860. Emmanuel Edward Andrist-Derby, born Aug. 18th, 1867 in Switzerland came with the family to the USA in 1868, when he only was seven months old.

Some information and documents related to these Andrists

What Samuel Ellson says regarding the four brothers (in an e-mail to Willi Andrist):

Some of the information you have from Jill Andrist Miller orginated here, with Kathryn Fryer Wilcox and Florence Andrist Buegler (both quoted in her articles.) The four Andrist brothers who, according to information given to my family, were not the first Andrists in America. I recall my grandfather saying that his family came first to relatives in the state of Ohio. I think he might have said that they assisted them in coming to America. From Ohio, they came to Minnesota.

I have had my grandfathers family traced back to David Andrist. A Mr. Franz Walter Kummer-Beck, of the Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Familien Forschung, Bern, sent me information from Der Zwilitstandsbecamte, Boltigen. In these records it states:

David Andrist, Boltigen, born 5 Mai 1782, was the sohn des Andrist, Johannes und der Susanna geb. Martig. His wife was Elisabeth geb. Zeller, daughter of Johann Ludwigs sel Witwe, von Lenk, geb. 18 Marz 1788. (This must be the Elisabeth Zeller mentioned in your Andrist pages on the Internet.) They had ten children (an Emanuel died soon after birth and the next son was also name Emanuel. This seems to be a "Swiss tradition".)

My great grandfather was Friedrich geb. Boltigen 12 Juni 1828 soh des Andrist, David und der Elisabeth geb. Zeller. His wife was Magdalena, geb. Müller von Boltigen, 21 Mai 1828, daughter of Müller, Jakob und der Barbara, geb Ueltschi. This Friedrich is apparently the one of the four brothers mentioned that came to America. Friedrich and Magdalena had three sons born in Switzerland (listed on the records as Boltigen), but my grandfather told me he was born in Zweisimmen. (This could be the situation mentioned in the citizenship article, that this village might not be where the children were born.) The three sons were Friedrich, Samuel (my grandfather) and Emmanuel. Two more sons were born in the United States. Mr. Kummber-Beck mentioned in his letter accompanying the records, that the Swiss "record keepers" were not happy because the family did not continue to supply family information. I visited the Familien register der Geminde at Riechenberg ( I believe that's the correct spelling) a short distance from Boltigen. The record book information is Band 1, Blatt 17, a.serie for David and Susanna. For Friedrich and Elisabether it is Band 1, Blatt 24, a. serie. According to these records, my grandfather Samuel, was born Boltigen, 1 Juli 1863.

I had better stop with this much information. I would certainly like to continue with investigating my branch of the Andrist tree. There are many Andrists in this areas, and all are related in some way. - I hope that possibly some of this might be of interest to you. Any suggestions you might have for me would be greatly appreciated.

Samuel Ellson, Minnesota

Many thanks to the following Andrists who did a great job in putting together the pieces of this puzzle: Alan Andrist, Daniel Andrist, Stacey Andrist, Greg Andrist, Barb Andrist, Douglas Andrist and Jill (Andrist) Miller (who gathered more than thousand records). For any questions please contact them through e-mail.

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