The idea of Andrist web page, and privacy

It's the main purpose of the Andrist Home Page to help Andrist's to find back their roots and to learn on their ancestors. We are willing to help people tracing back with all information we gathered from public sources (phone book, census, Swiss church records, former ancestor researches at LDS etc.) or has been added by Andrist's themselfes. We act as volunteers but try to do it in a almost professional way.

To people having concerns on privacy we offer the following:

Jill Miller, manager of a large database
Willi Andrist, editor of the pages


Most people registering publicly with web pages all over the internet as a consequence may face spam (unwanted e-mails) as some spamers gather e-mails using harvesting web robotors. As a remedy of the privacy problem we thought about having certain files encrypted on the web. Only people having the password may then make use of the files. This is one reason, why we have the e-mail list is encrypted. For robots access is almost impossible.

This encryption tool is offered to all having the need to encrypt the content of ones mails: -

The applications are easy to use.  It encrypts text in a first place. The encrypted text may then be appended to a mail.

We keep on testing for more a while.

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