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Swiss Genealogy

Swiss genealogy on the Internet
Tips for Bern researches (genealogy & heraldic society of Bern)
The historical-biogaphical dictionary of Switzerland, you will find comments on larger families (including extinct ones, not mentioned in the Familiennamenbuch), often giving details on important family members. The HBLS is available at your local Family History Center (films 1181541-3 or fiche 6000814).
Picton sources for (Swiss) genealogy 
Swiss Infodesk (a project of Swiss National Library)
Cyndi's Swiss page *
Swiss phone book

Genealogy in general

A barrel of genealogy links (by J. Lacombe)
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet (by Mark & Cyndi Howells) *
Gendex  will be offline from April 2004)*
Further genealogical Information *

Other links to German Genealogical information and FAQs

These links were set to help genealogists who are interested in German and German-American genealogy. It is oriented to those who are getting started, either with genealogy or with the Internet. "German" here means the German language, so this list should be useful for researchers of German, German-American, Austrian, Swiss, Alsatian, and Eastern European German genealogy.

German genealogical vocabulary: (by Jim Eggert )
General terms in genealogy
Genealogical Dictionaries (old German professions and common causes of death)

Old German handwritten scripts:

Link lists

Genealogical symbols

source: (by Jim Eggert )

    ASCII  Typeset                          Meaning
    _____  _______                          _______
    *      asterisk                         Born
    (*)    asterisk in parentheses          Born illegitimately
    +*     cross and asterisk               Stillborn
    ~,=    single or multiple water waves   Baptized
    o      circle                           Engaged
    oo     linked or touching circles       Married
    o|o    separated circles                Divorced
    o-o    separated circles                Illegitimate union
    +      cross or vertical dagger         Died
    [],#   box                              Buried
    +X     cross and crossed swords         Died from battle wounds
    X      crossed swords                   Died in battle
    ++     two crosses                      This line extinct

Old occupations and titles of officals

source: (by Jim Eggert )

Tagwenvogt         county official
Landvogt           national official
Schatzvogt         treasury official
Waisenvogt         orphanage official
Schulvogt          school official
Spennvogt          charity official [?]
Ratsherr           town councillor
Kirchmeier         church steward
Kirchenrat         church councillor
Landrat            national councillor
Gemeinderat        municipal councillor
Tagwenschreiber    county clerk
Gemeindeschreiber  municipal clerk
Gemeindepräsident  municipal president
Wagmeister         inspector of weights and measures
Schulmeister       schoolmaster
Unterlehrer        assistant master
Hauptmann          captain
Aufseher           supervisor
Verwalter          superintendent
Freiherr           baron

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