Andrist Alps Topographic Map

This page is dedicated to all hikers who would like to know more about the locations of Schilthorn and the Andrist Alps.

Starting points for tours:
- Schilthorn to Wild Andrist and back to Schilthorn (approx. 4-5 hours)
- Kiental to Schilthorn (approx. 6-7 hours)

Be aware of the following facts:
Neither tour is easy. You should be in a good health. The Kiental-to-Schilthorn tour is particularly demanding, suited only for well-trained hikers.

An aerial tramway ascends the Schilthorn. Thus the first route is much easier, because you don't have to gain that much height by foot.

More detailed tour descriptions are planned for later.

Very detailed topographic map (823 kB) of Schilthorn and Andrist Alps:


Colors used: red broken line: official mountain hiking track
pink: recommended trail from/to Wild Andrist peek, merging into official tracks
Scale: 1:60,000; one grid square in the map = 1 kilometer
Contour: Contour lines every 50 meters, bold contour lines every 500 meters (equidistance)
Map source: "Moutain hiking routes Saanenland-Simmental, Frutigland" by Kümmerly + Frey, ISBN 3-259-000805-8 no commercial reproduction allowed.


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