Andrist Canada family

Many thanks to Greg Andrist, Saskatchevan, Canada, who provided this tree. I'll spend some time later to make it more structured.

Andrist puzzles (link to the trees not known yet)

The four Andrist brothers that came to U.S.A. in 1858 were; John, Dave, Sam and Fred. Their families were as follows;

John; Father of John, Godfrey, Jake, William, Elizabeth, Dave, Henrey, Fred, and Sam.

Dave: Father of Catherine, John, Jake, Elizabeth, Anna, Sam and Emanuel.

Sam: Father of Adolf, Louisa, Jeanette, William, Godfrey and Elizabeth.

Fred: Father of Fred, Sam, Emanuel, Godfrey and Jake.

Our branch of the Andrist family comes through John, who was my great great great grandfather. William had a family of six children: Ed, Robert, Albert, Lloyd, Bertha and Anna.

Robert was my great grandfather. His children were: Audrey, Blake, Leon, and Lloyd.

Blake was my grandfather. His children were: Larry, Dennis, Virginia, Robert and Shalene.

My father is Larry, and I have a brother and a sister; Gary, and Heidi.

My great great great grandmothers' name was Elizabeth Weiss and both John and Elizabeth were born in Canton Berne Switzerland, town of Zeinem(?) She was born in 1821 and married John Andrist in 1840. They had seven children in Switzerland and the last two were born in the U.S.A

John and his three brothers came to U.S.A. landing at New York and settled North Georgetown, Ohio. Elizabeth came later with the seven children. This was in 1858. John died March 18, 1875 and is presumed buried in Georgetown,Ohio. After John died, Elizabeth came to Dodge County, Minnesota, where most of her sons were. She died Feb 2, 1902, just 17 days from her 81st birthday. Survived by seven sons. Great great grandmother Elizabeth is buried at Berne, Minnesota, a few miles northwest of Rochester.

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